Taller intensivo de técnica narrativa: Relato Breve



Intensive Course of Short Stories

Technique and resources for those interested on learning the main key points of short stories.

Individual and group interactions, lectures and analysis of stories.

Instructuor: Jorge Eduardo Benavides

Writer and professor of literature creation, with courses dictated in different Spanish schools of literature and universities such as U. Complutense, U. de Granada or the University of Vienna. Also dictated classes for public and private institutions in Madison, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Ginebra, Madrid, Tenefire, Pekin, Shanghai, among others. Head of the online website El Boomeran (www.elboomeran.com), of the Group Prisa.
Director of the Centro de Formacion de Novelistas (www.cfnovelistas.com)
Last published book: <La Paz De Los Vencidos> (Alfaguara, 2009)

Jorge Eduardo Benavidas (1964, Arequipa, Peru) is a Peruvian writer from the late XX century and beginnings of the XXI century. His dramas revolve around Urban Realism (Based on the difficult years in Lima during late 80’s, time when his career as a writer began and made an impact with his novel) and journeys to fantastic topics, remarking the trace of Julio Cortazar, recognized by the same author. His piece of literature is influenced by the technique of a fellow Peruvian writer, Mario Vargas Llosa.

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